Hello, I'm Lyle Krieger

A Web/UI Designer

based in Cape Town, South Africa.

About me

I always had the ability to design, but I was fascinated with websites and wondered how they actually functioned.

From there onwards, I studied a Web Design / Development Diploma and freelanced to gain experience.

My first website I did was for a radio station (CCFM), from there I landed my first position as a Web Designer and never looked back.

I love creating beautiful websites from the inside out, thriving to keep up with the latest trends and to produce the best possible work I can.

In 2014 I got four SA Web Awards, with one being a Silver Award which I am very proud of. Aside from websites I have developed/designed javascript games, managed databases and forms, produced email campaigns for revenue, liaise closely with clients , I have styled an application which was coded by developers and have done print work in my past.

I am extremely passionate and professional about what I do, once I found out the fundamentals of Web Designing I thrived to be the best I possibly can.


  • 90% - HTML/CSS
  • 85% - Drupal
  • 82% - Bootstrap
  • 90% - Wordpress
  • 75% - Visual studio
  • 90% - Responsive

At Your Service

Web Design

The first step I take when making a website is looking at the brand of the company and what is needed to implement the brief into a digital creation.

When doing a website much research goes into layout, effects, typography, responsive designs, which cms system to us (if any), what does the client want and content (layout).


Responsive websites provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience for the user. More users are viewing websites on there phones, tablets and smaller devices due to it's efficiency, and the baility to view it wherever you are at anytime.

I make sure that every website I design is mobile friendly but still portrays the brand and original design.


Aside from websites, the digital aspect of designing is quite broad. Ranging from Social media banners, header designs, Facebook applications, Twitter backgrounds, profile images, I study the layout of these social media platforms and produce beautiful work to fit them perfectly.

Another aspect of digital are Email newsletters, it drives content from an emailer to your website, which in return helps with the amount of people or products being sold by the website.


Designing goes broader than just digital. From designing flyers, business cards, pop up banners to even signage.

I strive to be a well rounded designer, print work plays a big part of my role and seeing the client happy with the end product is always a nice feeling. As a designer you should not stop at digital.

My Portfolio

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